Open Orders
-I only accept Paypal.
-I can cancel your order or reject it if i want to.
-Once you paid, i don't give refunds. Unless i cancel your order myself.
-You can't modify my design/theme yourself, if you don't like something please let me know.
-If you order here, you cannot reuse the code or images for any other website, project or for any type of re-sale. If you do, you'd be banned from future orders.
-While doing your theme, i will send you a small preview of the header.
-I don't give .psd files.
-I will only give you the full design if you have made full payment.
-Only 1 email per order, Please don’t rush me in anyway or your order will be cancelled.
-i might take a few days to do your design, please be patient.
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